Friday, 27 October 2017

"Fake Opposition" Flees Abortion Vote

Back here, we were crowing about how the media has shifted choice-ward in how it identifies anti-choicers, specifically by noting which politicians support fake clinics.

And now with the nearly unanimous passage of the Ontario "Safe Access to Abortion Services Act, 2017", or the "Fuck Off Clinic Bulliers Act," we see another fault-line in today's politics.

Even hard-line, self-avowed anti-choicers flee from actually voting on abortion issues.

The bill passed 86 to 1, the one being Jack MacLaren, former PC and now member of the Trillium Party.

Note that no Progressive Conservatives voted against it.

But note also which MPPs were not present (Campaign Lie screenshot):

Some were also of interest to Lifeshite.

Monte McNaughton ran for PC leadership under the anti-choice banner and is rated by Campaign Lie as "supportable". So we can see why fetus freaks were annoyed with him.

But Sam Oosterhoff, teen "pro-life" phenom, is another matter altogether. We wrote about Oosterhoff's winning of the nomination, helped in no small part by Alissa Golob and her organization "It Starts Right Now."

Here is Golob bragging about the win.

Oosterhoff is rated by Campaign Lie as "pro-life, pro-family".

Young Sam, carrying the expectations of dozens of anti-choicers in the province, is the Great Anti-Abortion Hope.

But, alas, he was a no-show too.

Patrick Brown, ONPC leader, commented on the vote tally.
While a few of his MPPs were not present for Wednesday’s vote, PC Leader Patrick Brown said at least two were dealing with personal health issues. Brown noted at least two Liberal MPPs, also known to hold anti-abortion views, were also missing.
Hmm, the old "personal health issues" dodge.

And ooh, look at this:
“This law proves that the Wynne government and the fake opposition is kowtowing to Planned Parenthood,” said Mary Ellen Douglas, Ontario President, Campaign Life Coalition.
"Fake opposition." Hee. Do you detect a whiff of desperation there?

What are we to draw from the absence of the anti-choice former leadership contender and the young flag-bearer of New Fetus Fetishist Politics in the first vote on an abortion-related matter in Ontario in years?

It's hard not to conclude that an anti-choice stance is now so toxic to mainstream Canadians that a beleaguered leader like Brown CANNOT even throw his social conservative supporters a bone in a vote that had a foregone outcome.

And the so-cons are pissed.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Moving the Media on Fake Clinics

Lost in all the Rachael Harder/Status of Women Committee brouhaha is a very important shift in media reporting on abortion, specifically on what criteria is used to designate someone as anti-choice.

From Global News, a rather blithe statement.
The issue of who would lead the committee came to a head last week when Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer chose to nominate Rachael Harder, an Alberta MP with an established record against abortion rights.
"Established," eh? By what measure?

Several measures: A thumbs-up (since qualified) from Campaign Lie. Her voting record.

And this from Macleans:
Harder granted $11,681 to two pregnancy clinics in Lethbridge to hire summer employees in 2016, using money that MPs were given to create local jobs. The clinics have mandates suggesting that every child has the right to be born.
The author cites the grants as evidence of Harder's unfitness, but shies away from calling them fake clinics or using terms like "anti-choice" or "anti-abortion."

Global News gets a little closer.
Rachael Harder isn’t just anti-choice in some abstract, philosophical way. She has received an endorsement from Campaign Life Coalition, has stated that life begins at conception, doled out close to $12 000 to pregnancy care centres that refuse to refer to abortion providers, and has committed to pass and introduce legislation to protect “unborn children.”

Four criteria there:
• endorsement by fetus fetishists
• statement of belief
• campaign promise

Enabling federal grants to fake clinics.

Let's see how CBC covered it.
Last summer, Harder handed out some $12,000 in federal job grants to two pregnancy care centres in her Lethbridge, Alta., riding that refuse to refer patients to abortion providers.
Still not actually calling the fake clinics "anti-choice" but again using the fact as evidence of anti-choice stance.

Now iPolitics, the outlet that "broke" the story of Summer Jobs grants being given to anti-choice operations, using research by Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. (My bold.)
According to a breakdown of federal funds distributed under the 2016 Canada Summer Jobs Grant program, Harder allocated a total of $11,681 in the form of two grants to the Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre and the Lethbridge and District Birthright Society last year.

The Lethbridge and District Birthright Society got $3,383 of that total to create one job, and according to its website believes that “it is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth, and the right of every child to be born.”

The largest chunk of that, or $8,298, is listed as creating two summer jobs at the Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre, which is affiliated with the international anti-choice groups Heartbeat International and CareNet, and which states on its website that it does not perform abortions or make referrals to abortion services.

It is also an affiliate of the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS), which describes itself as a “Christ-centred national ministry dedicated to providing support for life and sexual health by partnering with Pregnancy Centres across Canada,” and is linked to the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

The description of such centres as ‘pregnancy care centres’ has long been an issue of concern for pro-choice groups, which suggest the name is misleading for women who may come in unaware of the religious or political affiliations of the centres and then be actively persuaded against choosing abortion through emotional manipulation or inaccurate medical information about abortion procedures.
More from iPolitics:
As iPolitics reported earlier this summer, Harder allocated nearly $12,000 in federal summer job grants to two anti-abortion groups in her riding last year.
One more, with a humungous typo in it (now corrected), from Metro News:
As an MP, however, she gave money to two Alberta clinics that [do not]support the right to abortion.
As readers of this blog must know, one of our aims here at DAMMIT JANET! is to defund and disrupt the operations of fake clinics, aka crisis pregnancy centres.

It appears this aim is a little closer to realization when media organizations are now calling fake clinics "anti-choice/-abortion" and, more importantly, citing support of them as an indicator that one has an "established record against abortion rights."

Pro-choice has been having so many WINs lately, I didn't want this one to get lost in the victory dances.

Friday, 9 June 2017

No funding for rights-denying outfits

Volunteers for Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) are continuing their research that we reported on here into the funding of rights-denying anti-choice organizations.

Specifically, we are looking for public money — government, arms’-length granting bodies — going to these gangs. Remember DJ!'s success in getting an Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) grant rescinded from Lambton Crisis Pregnancy Centre?

At the time, we were impressed by the anti-discriminatory language used by OTF and its promise not to fund such outfits again.

So it was with some disappointment that a volunteer ran across this, an announcement of a two-year grant of nearly $129K to a fake clinic in Huntsville called Christine’s Place.

Here’s a screen shot.

(I defy anyone to tell me WTF they plan to do.)

I wrote to my old bud, Thomas Chanzy, VP, Public Affairs, on Monday to alert him to this new oopsie.


Today I received this.

Dear Fern Hill,

In light of the concerns you have raised with us, we have looked into this matter and I can confirm that this grant has actually already been rescinded in full before any payment was made to this organization. There is therefore no reason to consider your request that we rescind this grant.

I want to thank you for the attention and consideration you give to the Foundation and its impact in Ontario communities.

"Already rescinded." Grand.

We applaud OTF for its ability to evolve and for its commitment to public input.

UPDATE: My pal Thomas Chanzy has two corrections to make.
1. Trillium Foundation's budget does NOT come from gaming proceeds. Rather, funding comes directly from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

2. The rescinding of the grant was at the request of the organization itself.

So, it seems we credited OTF with a bit more evolution than is warranted. We'll keep our eye on grants awarded.

Monday, 29 May 2017

En Garde, or, This Is Our Chance to Bury Anti-Choice

NOTE: Sorry, but Blogger is screwing up. None of the links in this seems to be working. I'll try to fix it again later.

UPDATE: And now the links are working. I didn't do anything. Go figger.

Andrew Scheer, former and worst-ever Speaker of the House, has won the Conservative Party leadership. But as several people have pointed out, Michael Harris among them, Scheer has a BIG debt to pay. To social conservatives, aka, anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-assisted dying, anti-comprehensive sex-ed dinosaurs.
These social conservatives worked their hearts out for Stephen Harper for ten years. In return, they got nothing but strategic tokenism. The passion they invest in their cause never gave Harper so much as a palpitation — but it did lead him to calculate that he could bamboozle them ’til the cows came home and cash in on their political usefulness.

This time, the so-cons were wised up. They sold thousands of memberships on behalf of Trost and Lemieux. That support ultimately went Scheer’s way. Now they will expect him to deliver.
Brent Rathgeber makes a similar point.

And the Straight cites the fetus freak group fronted by Alyssa Golob as taking credit.

While Scheer has taken a page out of Stephen Harper’s book (“We will not reopen the abortion debate”), that’s going to be tough, given how many zygote zealots feel they are OWED.

But in order for him to pay his debts, he’ll have to get into power and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Until he gets his kick at the can, I have some suggestions for what pro-choice, pro-civil rights, pro-modern times people should do.

As I said back when the Liberals (*ptui*) got their majority, we have a historic chance in Canada to get this abortion dealie dealt with once and for all.

Canada is staunchly pro-choice (latest Ipsos poll shows 77% support) and there have been some encouraging developments over the last while.

In December, the city of Grande Prairie successfully fought off hateful bus ads with a judge’s decision that came very close to calling the ads “hate speech.” (As they are.)

In April, research done by Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) paid off big time when it was revealed that anti-choice gangs were getting federal Canada Summer Jobs grants. The feds promised that would end.

Continuing that work, ARCC is running a “Letter of the Week” campaign aimed at disclosing provincial grants given to rights-denying organizations like fake clinics.

Earlier this month, we learned that Health Canada has eased some of its idiotic restrictions on the abortion pill.

This year’s March for Lies in Ottawa was the smallest in memory. (RCMP pegged the number at 4,000.) It was so small that fetus freaks didn’t even *try* to claim that it was bigger and better than last year.

One of the side-stories to the March for Lies was the raising of an anti-choice flag at Ottawa City Hall. It was hastily taken down, but there was fall-out from it.

Notably, increased attention to the clinic harassers at the Morgentaler Clinic in downtown Ottawa. A result of that is today’s announcement that Ontario’s Attorney General, Yasir Naqvi, intends to craft a “bubble zone” law to protect clinics.

Also today we learned that a judge in New Brunswick has granted another injunction against clinic harassers.

These are all hopeful developments. Our job over the next couple of years is to continue and expand these efforts.

• Keep an eye on the federal government to make sure no more public money goes to anti-choice groups.

• Pressure provincial governments to spend money on women and children more wisely than on fake clinics.

• Support cities and towns targetted for hate-speech ads.

• Encourage healthcare providers to continue to press for more reasonable regulations on the abortion pill.

• Support bubble zones in Ontario and other provinces that do not have such protection.

I believe that anti-choice is dying in Canada — I mean, just 4,000 people arsed themselves to come out for March for Lies??!!? — and the election of Andrew Scheer is its last gasp.

We have the opportunity to move our laws, institutions, and media to the point where if and when Scheer’s owners try any funny stuff around abortion, Canadians will just point and laugh.

Because we are sooo beyond that here in modern, pro-choice Canada.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Rarely is the question asked: [What] Is our children learning?*

Back here, we reported on the success of ARCC's latest research/data mining project that resulted in the shutting down of federal summer job grants to antichoice organizations.

These grants were made under the Canada Summer Jobs program which has specific criteria.

Canada Summer Jobs provides funding to help employers create summer job opportunities for students. It is designed to focus on local priorities, while helping both students and their communities.

Canada Summer Jobs:

• provides work experiences for students
• supports organizations, including those that provide important community services; and
• recognizes that local circumstances, community needs and priorities vary widely

Canada Summer Jobs provides funding to not-for-profit organizations, public-sector employers and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees to create summer job opportunities for young people aged 15 to 30 years who are full-time students intending to return to their studies in the next school year.

Anti-choice gangs -- including fake clinics -- have been bilking it for years, but the ARCC report highlighted some of the biggest scammers.

So, let's have a look at what these people were training young people to do with our dough.

Here's Campaign Lie. (Scroll down to "Summer Student Internship.")

The summer internship program run by Campaign Life Coalition and The Interim Newspaper [Catholic rag] is designed to challenge and reward a select number of students with a unique opportunity to work full-time in the pro-life movement. This internship is designed to shape and form future leaders by providing them with an in-depth opportunity to become active in the largest and oldest pro-life organization in Canada.

Oh great. Canada, a feminist and pro-choice country, pays to have "future leaders" undermine the human rights of half its population.

Now the Fetal Gore Gang, aka Canadian Centre for Bioethical [ptui] Reform. For the click-averse, here is big chunk of its pitch in all it giddiness over shoving gory signs in peoples' faces.

Are you passionate for pre-born babies and want to spare them death from abortion? Do you want to do something to achieve that? Are you considering pro-life work as a career and need a discernment opportunity? If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, you should consider CCBR's Summer Internship program—a life-saving and life-changing experience for you and those you impact!

CCBR's Summer Internship is an incredible opportunity to improve your personal conversation skills and help you grow as a leader in the rapidly expanding pro-life movement. By the end of the summer, you will be among the most well-trained and effective pro-life activists in the country.

There are two main areas of focus during the internship, namely training and activism. Training is provided by our team of cutting edge speakers, and will involve not only pro-life apologetics, but also pro-life strategy, leadership, fundraising, public speaking, conflict resolution, and team building. To supplement the presentations, we will also study various books and documentaries that will develop a holistic understanding of our culture and how we can end the killing of pre-born children.

The second area of focus—activism—will give you an opportunity to develop conversation and engagement skills while having a profound impact on the conscience of our nation. You will work on the front lines in projects such as the postcarding project, the banner project, “Choice” Chain, and more. Our public outreach has already impacted the lives of millions of Canadians, saving many lives and changing countless minds on the issue of abortion.
More leaders for a rights-denying movement.

I found this bit amusing. "Salary: Your total salary for the summer will be $7,000 with payment received on a bi-weekly basis. You are responsible to fundraise $3,000 of that amount before the internship begins."

Translation: "We can scam the government for only so much. You'll have to pony up the rest."

So, we had been wondering what the fetus freaks were doing with our money. As we can see, they're making a mockery of a well-intentioned program for youth, cynically milking it to undermine Canadian Values (of the right kind, not the Kellie Leitch perversions.)

We must keep the pressure on Minister of Employment, Patty Hadju, and Minister for Youth, Feminist™ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to ensure these groups and none espousing similar ends EVER get another red cent of taxpayers' money. And also to audit the groups identified by ARCC to see what they actually did with the dough.

* Title is number 3 on "The Top 25 Bushisms of All Time" from Slate.

UPDATE: Fetus freaks finally react to yanking of federal funds to anti-choice scammers. Personalize it to Trudeau's action. Deny ARCC's critical work. Call it "politicizing a simple jobs program." Hahahahaha. Who did that now?

Monday, 17 April 2017


Based on research done by volunteers* for Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, one media outlet reported on a federal Canada Summer Jobs grant of over $56,000 going to the Fetal Gore Gang last year.

While literally hundreds of anti-choice outfits are milking this program, what made this news was the size and the MP. MPs apparently have a great deal of say on what gets funded in their ridings.

And this one was facilitated by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid.

Wait. Liberal? Member of the so-called feminist Liberal government of Canada?



The next day, iPolitics followed up.
The report prompted the government to announce that no Liberal MPs would be allowed to allocate money to such groups this year. On Thursday, however, a government source said Employment Minister Patty Hajdu is looking at ways to make certain all funding decisions made by MPs through the program reflect the views of a pro-choice government.

That is a MASSIVE WIN for pro-choice forces in Canada!

iPolitics made further use of ARCC research.
Over the past five years, roughly $3.5 million in summer job grants has been allocated to anti-abortion groups through the program — most of the money coming from Conservative MPs but some grants in the $2,000-$3,000 range being allocated by Scarborough-Guildwood Liberal MP John McKay, who is known to oppose abortion.

Which we also reported on.

So, while we laud iPolitics for taking up the story, their coverage under-reported the egregious and disgusting activities of the recipient of this handsome gift of our dough.

The Fetal Gore Gang, or as they prefer to style themselves, the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform, has been the subject of many, many blogposts here.

These are the sick puppies who seek to shock and shame with gory, inaccurate, and misleading images on bus ads (Peterborough successfully and Grande Prairie unsuccessfully), postcards shoved in mailboxes during the last election, dangerous banner drops over highways, etc.

So, while MP Khalid made a HUGE mistake, she sort of did us a favour by choosing one of the most hateful gangs out there. One that is very hard to defend as a bunch a kindly volunteer grannies seeking to gently dissuade pregnant people from exercising their constitutional rights.

We're waiting for the predictable SHRIEEEKING from the fetus freaks and will update.

*ARCC volunteers. This WIN is 99.9% down to Kathy Dawson (aka @blueskies at Twitter), quoted in the iPolitics stories. She is simply awesome. And a scary broad NOT to be pissed off. :-)

Saturday, 14 January 2017

BREAKING: YOU Are Subsidizing Anti-Choice Fake Clinics

Canada has a feminist Prime Minister, a gender-balanced cabinet, and a promise from said PM to stand up for feminism and diversity against the rising tide of intolerance and repression to the south.

So people would probably be surprised to learn that religious agencies whose sole purpose is to thwart the exercise of Canadians' right to reproductive choice get both direct and indirect government subsidies, yes?

Well, it's true. And the numbers are pretty shocking.

Following up on its study of the largely fraudulent online claims of Crisis Pregnancy Centres (CPCs) (or as they are more correctly called, Fake Clinics), Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) last week released a new report examining the online tax filings of 112 such operations that, incredibly, have been allowed charitable status by the federal government.

(We'll get to the abomination of such status in a minute.)

ARCC volunteers pored through tax filings for the period 2011 to 2015.

The bottom line: fake clinics are bilking you and me of millions of dollars.

MATH WARNING: Ciphering is about to occur. If this is a problem skip down to below ************.

First, the direct funding. Over five years, these operations received $3.5 million in cash from various levels of government -- over half a million from the federal level, mostly through their enthusiastic embrace of the Canada Summer Jobs program. Of the remainder, $2.6 million came from the provinces, the rest from municipalities and regions. The grants come from various programs, not easily tracked down, and as we will see, not always properly reported.

Next, the indirect funding. Canadian taxpayers subsidize the anti-human rights work of fake clinics in two ways, both of them operational purely because of their charitable status.

As registered charities, fake clinics pay no income taxes. Over the period studied, fake clinics had a combined revenue of $65.8 million, totally exempt from taxes.

So, that's lost tax money that has to be made up by someone. And you know it's not the oil companies.

The other way allows donors to shield income from taxes through tax receipts. As registered charities, fake clinics are allowed to issue receipts that donors use to exempt some income from tax. If you've ever done your own taxes, you know that there are two levels of exemptions. For donations under $200, the rate is 15%; everything over $200 is discounted by a generous 29%.

Over 2011-15 fake clinics issued nearly $38.2 million in such receipts. At the minimum rate of 15%, this represents a drain on federal tax coffers of at least $5.7 million, with provinces facing similar losses. In Ontario, the rates are 5.05% and 11.16%.

Let's pretend for a moment that all the money was donated in Ontario. At minimum, that would represent another $2 million.

At the maximum rate, these tax receipts represent a potential loss of $11 million, again with cash-strapped provinces losing too.

So, while it's impossible to say what proportion of donations were discounted at which rate, it is safe to say that the amount lost at the federal level alone is somewhere between $5.7 and $11 million. And at least another $2 million at the provincial and territorial level.

And there's another wrinkle. Through the magnificent generosity of the registered charity program, charities can give money to each other. Fake clinics received a further $11.8 million from other registered charities which had issued their own tax receipts.

There's another $1.8 lost to federal income tax, with proportional loses to the provinces.


Bottom lines:
Direct government funding: $3.5 million

Money sucked out of federal tax coffers: At least $7.5 million and as much as nearly $13 million.

Money sucked out of provincial tax coffers: At least $2 million.

The bottomer-bottom line: That lost money is made up by you and me. WE are actively subsidizing these fake clinics.


Is that a lot of money?

I think one red cent is a lot of money for organizations that use misinformation and deceit to further their goal of recriminalizing abortion and contraception.

But in a country where $3.3 billion a year in tax money for the oil industry raises nary a hair yet $16 for a glass of orange juice causes mass hysteria, who the hell knows?

One more point before I leave the ARCC study. Volunteers found many anomalies in the filings. For example, nearly 60% of groups receiving government money -- 34 fake clinics -- misreported that funding. ARCC has asked CRA to initiate reviews of these irregularities.

For me the bigger question is -- as I've asked many, many times -- WHY THE HELL DO THESE GANGS HAVE CHARITABLE STATUS IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE?

Most people suppose that because the Government has accredited a group as a "registered charity" that group must be on the up-and-up, with noble purpose, working for the greater good of the whole community.

As we pointed out recently, generous people like the One Hundred Who Care Movement include "charitable status" among their required criteria, on the blithe assumption that no fraudsters would make it past the vigilance of the revenuers.



We have a feminist government. After the cabinet shuffle, we have three women heading ministries that could do something about this.

Diane Lebouthillier is the Minister of National Revenue in charge of CRA and its awesome power to award or strip groups of charitable status as well as to examine the books of said groups. @DiLebouthillier

Patty Hajdu is the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, in charge of the Canada Summer Jobs program, so successfully milked by fake clinics. @PattyHajdu

Maryam Monsef is the new Minister of Status of Women. In a feminist *cough* government, one might think the Status of Women minister might have something to say about anti-choice outfits being subsidized by taxpayers. (And maybe regain some credibility.) @MaryamMonsef

I sent some tweets the other day.

I forgot to use hashtags. These would be good: #ExposeFakeClinics #ExposeCPCs

For those who like to see for themselves and those who like to play with spreadsheets, we got you covered. All that and more -- like the letter sent to CRA -- here.

ARGGH: Forgot to credit the indefatigable and indomitable Kathy Dawson for heroic work. You can say thanks to her on twitter @blueskies366.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Righteous! Fetal Gore Gang LOSES Lawsuit!

The Fetal Gore Gang believes it has the right to force its misleading anti-choice messages and gory images on everyone. And to threaten people who resist with lawsuits. And of course their central demand is that people with uteruses be denied basic human rights and forced to continue unwanted pregnancies.

Force, threats, demands, and coercion. It's all bullies got.

So isn't it grand when bullies get their asses handed to them?

Just before xmas, the Fetal Gore Gang got pwned. By the City of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Here's some background.

The bullies wanted to run this ad on city buses.

Grande Prairie said: nope.

Bullies said: we'll sue.

Grande Prairie said: bring it.

Unlike the craven bunch in Peterborough who caved at this point.

Madame Justice C.S. Anderson found for the city.
“I find the City’s decision to reject this particular ad was reasonable. I find the ad is likely to cause psychological harm to women who have had an abortion or who are considering an abortion. It is also likely to cause fear and confusion among children who may not fully understand what the ad is trying to express... (This ad may cause emotional reactions that could) create a hostile and uncomfortable environment,” wrote Anderson in her decision, adding by creating such an environment it would go against the city’s objective of having a safe and welcoming transit system.

The city's lawyer, Robert McVey, had also argued that the ad constituted hate speech.
The city rejected CCBR’s advertisement because it would have promoted hatred against “an identifiable class: women who have chosen to exercise their legal right to have an abortion,” according to the judge’s written statement.
(There is no online link to the judgment yet. I'll post it when it's available.) (ADDED: Judgment.)

Madam Justice Anderson did not find that the ad constitutes hate speech. While she looked favourably on the argument, she saw no need to determine whether it did or not represent hate speech. For the purpose of this case, it was enough to determine that Grande Prairie's decision to refuse the ad was a reasonable limit on free speech.

But for the sane people who oppose these lying shock tactics, that she looked favourably on the hate speech argument is exhilarating.

The judge also cited the Advertising Standards Canada Code, which the fetal gore gang has several times fallen afoul of and thumbed their noses at. While the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has a very high bar for reasonable limitations on free speech, the Code is more flexible. The judge said the city was justified in using those standards.

One more very encouraging sign. Madam Justice cited an option called "judicial notice" wherein judges may, in essence, do their own research. She went to the website on the ad and quoted a couple of the more outrageous statements (with words like "slaughter" and "evil"). She wrote: "These are strong statements that vilify women who have chosen, for their own reasons, to have an abortion; they are not merely informative and educational," as the fetal gore gang claimed. Ooh, they lie?

Of course, this is not over. Forcing transit companies to run their ads is what they *do* (when they're not endangering drivers with banner drops over highways, shoving yucky postcards in suburban mailboxes, or hanging around street corners with gigantic bloody fetus signs.)

I wrote about their detailed plan here.

Under "Conventional Advertising," the plan says: "We will develop ads that primarily emphasize the website and make use of vague messaging that intrigues the listener/viewer to check the site out."

Well, we hope people -- and future judges -- do check the site out, as Madam Justice Anderson did. And come to their own (reasonable) conclusions.

That these are lying, manipulative bullies who seek to criminalize a common medical procedure by holding ordinary people -- patients and providers alike -- up to ridicule, hatred, and perhaps violence.

As far as we know, there is still a pending situation in Hinton, AB. (Anybody know what's going on there? Let me know.)

And since it's the fetal gore gang's plan to target all of us with their bullshit, I expect there are other campaigns afoot.

For now, let's celebrate a win. And congratulate the City of Grande Prairie. I found a general email: And a Twitter account @CityofGP. In particular I'd like to congratulate Transit Manager Jason Henry.

It is always righteous to stand up to bullies.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

"Fake News" Is Old Hat in My World

So much about "fake news" in the regular news lately.

For example, today a poll was published revealing that 52% of Republicans "incorrectly" believe that Trump won the popular vote. (ICYMI, they're still counting but Clinton is 2.8 million votes ahead at the moment.)

As a long-time blogger about matters reproductive and, perforce, follower of Big Fetus™, I've been chuckling over the outrage some are expressing over the insane shit people will believe.

Big Fetus™ was the original fake news peddler.

Abortion causes breast cancer. Abortion causes post-abortion syndrome. Abortion causes infertility. Abortion causes substance abuse. Abortion causes child abuse. Abortion causes mental illness.

That last one has been debunked many, many times, most recently last week. In fact, not only does having an abortion NOT cause depression, the opposite is actually true. Being denied an abortion -- being FORCED to remain pregnant against one's will -- is actually a tad more harmful to one's mental well-being.

Who woulda thunk?

Here's another oft-repeated tweet from LieShite. Planned Parenthood sells "baby parts."

I saw the tweet again today. That lie was definitively debunked over a year ago. (The fetus freak illustrator needs an anatomy lesson.)

But it doesn't matter how often or how authoritatively these things get trashed. They are Zombie Lies.

In fact, there's a Big Fetus™ Fake News Industry devoted to creating and perpetrating fake news. We've reported on it a lot calling it BAD (biased, agenda-driven) Science.

Rewire, formerly RH Reality Check, has a terrific series called "False Witnesses" on the most prominent scientists willing to lie for fetus freak funding.

But here's a good thing: All this wailing about "fake news" seems to be making people pay more attention.

In France, politicians are debating a bill to ban anti-choice websites from spreading "false information" about abortion.
"Freedom of expression should not be confused with manipulating minds," Socialist Family Minister Laurence Rossignol said as the debate kicked off.
(Isn't that a refreshing notion?)

In even better news, fetus freaks are feeling the heat.

Dig the headline: "Facebook’s push to snuff out fake news poses threat to pro-life, traditional values reporting"

Translation: Facebook will stop hosting our lies! Waaaah!
Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday that the website had the responsibility to make sure it “has the greatest positive impact on the world.” He added that “with any changes we make, we must fight to give all people a voice and resist the path of becoming arbiters of truth ourselves.”

But Facebook’s partnership with Snopes,, ABC News and PolitiFact to manage fact checking in this new initiative raises the question of who will determine what constitutes “fake news.” That leads then to the issue of whether information on Facebook will be censored to fit a particular worldview.
Um, yeah. That worldview is called reality.

Fetus freaks and their allies should create their own version of Facebook, where they don't have to be troubled by True Facts.

Oh wait. They did that when they got mad at Wikipedia for its "reality bias." They created Conservapedia, which, if you've never partaken, you need to.

Here are the first three sentences in the entry for abortion.
Abortion is the induced termination of a pregnancy,[1] often causing fetal pain. Abortion has two victims: the unborn child, and the mother who can never forget the loss she caused. Breast cancer rates increase by more than six times for women who have abortion, according to a recent study.
Of course that "recent study" is one of the oft-debunked ones.

So, I'd like to think that reality will battle back. That people who care about truth will win. But I really think that fake news is here to stay.

Because people who believe it cannot be argued with. They are not rational.